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Taiwan has registered almost 4,000 same-sex couples

Taipei, New Taipei and Taichung have seen highest numbers

Taiwan has registered almost 4,000 same-sex partnerships.

Taiwan has registered almost 4,000 same-sex partnerships. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Despite the setback for same-sex marriage in last month’s referendums, a total of 3,951 same-sex couples have registered, according to the Ministry of Interior.

While the Constitutional Court ruled in May last year that same-sex couples should not be banned from marrying, five referenda on November 24 saw three questions submitted by opponents of same-sex marriage win while two from the gay rights movement were rejected.

Local registration of same-sex couples saw almost 4,000 partnerships realized, with Taipei, New Taipei and Taichung seeing the highest numbers respectively.

Kaohsiung was the first local government to launch the registrations, in May 2015, but among the six special municipalities, it had registered the lowest number of partnerships, 173 couples in all, the Central News Agency reported.

Activists said that while the registrations were a step forward, only full marriage would give the gay couples full rights. Following the referenda, legislators were reportedly preparing special legislation for same-sex couples, while rights activists have always demanded amendments to existing civil legislation.

The deadline set by the Constitutional Court for same-sex marriage to come into effect is next May.

Updated : 2021-09-28 06:49 GMT+08:00