Taiwan to include animal protection in school textbooks

Legislative amendment inspired by recent cases of cruelty against animals

Animal rights will be included in school textbooks.

Animal rights will be included in school textbooks. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - National education textbooks should include the topics of animal protection and animal rights, according to amendments approved by the Legislative Yuan Friday.

The change was a response to a number of cases of cruelty directed against pets, the Central News Agency reported.

Lawmakers argued the incidents showed that the knowledge of animal rights by the public at large was still lacking. According to the amendments, each level of government would share the responsibility of improving animal rights education.

Under existing laws, the approach was too passive, centering too much on healing and not enough on preventing problems, CNA reported.

The new amendments also compelled authorities at every level to devote an annual budget to issues such as the control of stray dogs, diversified adoption measures and the management of animal shelters.