Indonesian woman stabs ex-husband, daughter to death in western Taiwan

Indonesian woman stabs ex-husband, daughter to death after squabble over work broke out in Changhua County in Taiwan

Indonesian woman (right). (Changhua Police Departm...

Indonesian woman (right). (Changhua Police Departm...

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An Indonesian woman stabbed her ex-husband and daughter to death early this morning in western Taiwan, before confessing to the crime to police, reported Now News.

According to a police investigation, at 1 a.m. this morning in Changhua County's Puxin Township, a 40-year-old Indonesian immigrant, surnamed Wang (王) got into a heated argument with her ex-husband, a 41-year-old Taiwanese man surnamed Wu (吳), over her current work situation. In a blind rage, Wang suddenly pulled out a fruit knife and stabbed Wu several times, inflicting multipe wounds to his body.

Next, as their 15-year-old daughter tried to intervene and protect her father, Wang also brutally stabbed her repeatedly. Covered in blood, Wang then walked over to the police station to confess her crime.

Wu was rushed by paramedics to the Ministry of Health and Welfare Hospital in Changhua, while their daughter was sent to Yuanlin Christian Hospital, however because the extent of their injuries were too severe, both died in the hospitals.

Police said that after the murder, Wang stepped into a nearby police station and surrendered herself. The first words she uttered were "I killed people!"

Wang's clothing, hands, and slippers were covered with blood, and because her hands also had wounds, she continued to drip blood on the floor of the police station.

After the stabbings took place, Wang's mother-in-law also called for help. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found a man lying on the ground on the first floor, with a trail of blood leading to the second floor.

Meanwhile, the daughter was still on the second floor, and when firefighters found her, she was not breathing and had no pulse, before being rushed to the hospital.

At 1:20 a.m., Wu, who was found covered in blood and was exhibiting no vital signs, had been sent the Ministry of Health and Welfare Hospital in Changhua. After 30 minutes of attempts to resuscitate him, he was declared dead.

Betel nut shop run by Wu. (CNA image)

An initial police investigation found that after having been married and divorced three times over more than a decade, the suspect and her ex-husband continued to live together after their most recent divorce. The suspect's ex-husband ran a betel nut shop, his parents invested in motels, and Wang and her daughter worked in motels as cleaners.

The former spouses apparently frequently quarreled over trivial family and work-related matters. Resentment over recent arguments began to build, Wang purchased a fruit knife a week ago, reported Apple Daily.

Police suspect that the murder was premeditated, but they will need to continue the investigation. In addition to having disputes over trivial matters, managing, and cleaning the motels, police suspect conflict had also developed over how their daughter was disciplined, according to Apple Daily.

Wu Chao-hui (吳昭輝), an emergency physician at the Ministry of Health and Welfare Hospital in Changhua, said that Wang's ex-husband had died of hemorrhagic shock. He suffered at least 14 stab wounds to his body, including his neck, abdomen, and arms.

An autopsy will need to be performed to determined which of Wu's wounds was fatal. Wu was not accompanied by his family when he arrived at the hospital.

Later, Wu's father came to the hospital and said that he had run down the stairs with blood all over his body. Wu's father said that at the time, he was conscious, and they rushed to call an ambulance to seek immediate medical attention.

Wu's father said he had no idea how the fight between the two had escalated to such an extent.

Video below shows Indonesian woman entering police department and confessing her crime: