2018 Taipei Fashion Week opens with theatrical performance

The opening show features unique cultural elements of Taiwan


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 2018 Taipei Fashion Week opened at Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center on the night of Dec. 6, with models strutting down the catwalk in a theatrical performance infused with dance and technology.

The fashion show, spearheaded by Ministry of Culture, spotlights 80 pieces from the collections of 40 Taiwanese designers, the agency said in a press release.

Themed “to see your unique self,” the four-day event kicked off with a performance orchestrated by renowned stage director Li Xiao-ping (李小平). The “8-shaped” runway is designed to symbolize infinity against a backdrop inspired by mountains, rivers, and oceans characteristic of Taiwan.

As models showcased the outfits of selected designers from the island, stage scenes also shifted from one theme to another to reflect the designing process, featuring “rainbow in sunshine,” “spectacular moments,” “eureka,” “power of serenity,” “unsung heroes,” “dialogue between light and shadow,” “saluting the future,” and others.

Not only was the hard work of the couturiers documented in a film, the organizer also presented a program where Taiwanese opera diva Liao Chiung-chih (廖瓊枝) delivered a performance at the opening to pay tribute to the artisans in the fashion industry.

A host of international buyers, industry players, fashion heavyweights, and celebrities have been invited to participate in relevant activities of the Taipei Fashion Week, including runway shows, exhibitions, and forums, which will provide insights into what Taiwan has to offer as the country seeks to position itself in the world of fashion.

To learn more, visit the official website or Facebook page of 2018 Taipei Fashion Week.

Photos courtesy of FB@taipeifashionweekss19 and Ministry of Culture