Taiwanese rate Da Nang, Vietnam No. 1 up-and-coming travel destination

The Vietnamese city is rich in historical heritage and natural landscape

A beach in Da Nang (Photo/CNA)

A beach in Da Nang (Photo/CNA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Da Nang of Vietnam tops the list of the five most up-and-coming travel destinations for Taiwanese in 2019, according to a survey released by Dutch accommodation reservation website Booking.com on Dec. 6.

The five cities are Da Nang (Vietnam), Daegu (South Korea), Porto (Portugal), Sendai (Japan), and Cebu (the Philippines) in order, reported CNA.

A trend has been rising among travelers to seek a getaway in a not-so-popular destination over the years, Booking.com analyzed. Da Nang, for example, boasts traditional Vietnamese culture, relatively low cost of living, a 30-minute trip to the ancient town of Ho An, and is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world -- My Khe Beach.

Taiwan has also developed a growing appetite for second-tier cities in Japan and South Korea, Booking.com noted. Daegu, the fourth largest city in South Korea, is a prime choice for those who’d like to relish in the mesmerizing maple scenery in autumn or looking for an authentic Korean-style lodging experience. Sendai, which is also known for its maple leaves, never fails to impress gourmands with its gastronomic delights of beef products, wrote the report.

Apart from Taiwan’s preferences, Booking.com also published the rankings of the top ten up-and-coming travel destinations in 2019: Wadi Rum (Jordan), Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Bacalar (Mexico), Ouarzazate (Morocco), Palomino (Colombia), Mestia (Georgia), Kigali (Rwanda), Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), Ksamil (Albania), and Nusa Penida (Indonesia).