Colder temperatures headed for Taiwan, weekend rain for northern, eastern regions

Cooler temperatures are set to arrive over the next few days, with a high chance of rain over the weekend

(Photo by Unsplash user Jamakassi)

(Photo by Unsplash user Jamakassi)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Despite reports that the coming winter will be relatively mild, the recent stretch of exceptionally warm December days is coming to an end, according to weather reports.

Colder air is about to arrive with the northeast monsoon, and will move southward across the island over the weekend.

Thursday temperatures across the island will hover around 19 or 20 degrees Celsius, but average temperatures across Taiwan will drop by two to three degrees by Sunday, with a possible low of 16 degrees in northern Taiwan forecast for Friday, reports UDN.

There is also a high chance of rain in northern and eastern Taiwan on Saturday and Sunday, according to the CWB, which may affect the Taipei City Marathon, Sunday, Dec. 9.

The temperatures in northern and central Taiwan are expected to be around 17 to 18 degrees for the weekend, and only slightly warmer in the South and East.

People are advised to dress warmly to avoid catching cold, and also to keep their homes well ventilated over the winter, especially when using gas water heaters.

Despite the potential for increased rain this coming winter, the population is still encouraged to conserve water over the coming months, during the period that is usually Taiwan’s dry season.