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4 Vietnamese prostitutes arrested in western Taiwan after brothel exposed on YouTube

12 arrested in brothel in Miaoli, Taiwan after YouTube video of nubile women inside draws 1 million views

(YouTube image)

(YouTube image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Police have raided a brothel in western Taiwan and arrested 12, including four Vietnamese women, after a YouTube video of the young, nubile women inside attracted one million views, reported.

Xishimei is well known for being a red light district in Miaoli City, but it was not until Nov. 22 when a man uploaded a video to YouTube showing prostitutes in a particular brothel that neitizens and police started to take notice.

In recent years, Xishimei has started to see an influx of young foreign women, and combined with low prices ranging between NT$1,000 to NT$1,500 for their services, clients have started to flock to the area, particularly to small dilapidated buildings with tiny rooms called "dried tofu houses" (豆干厝). A netizen pretending to be a customer used a hidden camera to take videos of prostitutes and price negotiations with pimps to make a "guide video," which he uploaded to YouTube.

There are many young women seen standing in the doorway of each tiny room in the film, and though the man later blurred people's faces and altered their voices, it was not complete, with the facial features of many women clearly visible. The "sweet smile" of one of the women caused many netizens to excitedly write comments like, "I can't stand it," "super awesome," and "she has the feel of Rainie Yang."

4 Vietnamese prostitutes arrested in western Taiwan after brothel exposed on YouTube
Caption reads "Actually not bad, but NT$1,500 that's just great." (Screenshot from YouTube)

Another woman wearing a skimpy, skin-tight outfit can be heard saying "only NT$1,500," to which an excited netizen exclaimed "Shocking, the standard is really high!"

The video attracted more than one million views, with netizens making comments such as "Lead me the way Old Driver," "Wow, this is Taiwan's Miaoli County? Stunning." But others gave words of caution, "Big Brother, don't film, I'm afraid of a police crackdown, I'm going to change to another place."

After receiving so many views, the video drew the attention of police, who launched an investigation. On Monday, they raided a building which housed several small rooms where illegal prostitution was taking place.

On the scene, police arrested five prostitutes, four clients, and three pimps, reported Liberty Times. Police said that at the time of the arrest, three customers were with prostitutes in rooms, while the fourth was caught waiting his turn.

4 Vietnamese prostitutes arrested in western Taiwan after brothel exposed on YouTube
(Photo by Miaoli Police)

The client who had been waiting outside said that he had found out about the place through the video. Police said that of the five prostitutes arrested, four were Vietnamese nationals and one was Taiwanese, according to the report.

Police said that the women would be punished under the law for violating the Social Order Maintenance Act (社會秩序維護法). Among the Vietnamese woman, three had come to Taiwan under the guise of sightseeing and one was a migrant worker who had fled from her previous employer.

The Vietnamese women will be sent to the National Immigration Agency for deportation. The three pimps will be sent to the Prosecutor's Office on charges of breeching the Act on Offenses Against Sexual Morality (妨害風化罪).

Police said that they will continue to crack down on prostitution on Xishimei. So far in the area this year, there have already been 13 busts and 32 suspected prostitutes have been arrested, reported Apple Daily.