Free concert on Taiwan’s Alishan to welcome first sunrise of 2019

The venue, the Duei-Gao-Yue sunrise viewing platform, is situated nearly 2,500 above sea level

Sunrise on Alishan (photo courtesy of Taiwan's Tourism Bureau)

Sunrise on Alishan (photo courtesy of Taiwan's Tourism Bureau)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The free concert to welcome the first sunrise of 2019 on Alishan will take place at the Duei-Gao-Yue sunrise viewing platform (對高岳觀日平台) of the Alishan Forest Recreation Area in early morning hours on Jan. 1, 2019, according to a news release posted by Forestry Bureau's Chiayi Forestry District Office (CFDC) on Tuesday.

The Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert has been held for the last 16 years, and this year’s event will be the 17th edition.

The organizer of this year’s Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert, the CFDC, held a press conference on Tuesday to announce the concert.

This 2019 concert will include the performances of the youth orchestra of Philharmonia Moments Musicaux as well as aboriginal singers Francesca Kao and Suming.

The venue of the 2019 concert, the Duei-Gao-Yue sunrise viewing platform on Alishan, is situated nearly 2,500 meters above sea level, and the temperatures usually dropped to single digits in the past when the concert took place, the CFDC said, reminding concertgoers to dress warmly when attending the concert. However, the organizer said they will provide attendants with brown sugar ginger tea to warm them up.

The event organizer also encouraged concertgoers to check in on Facebook and share beautiful photos of their participation in the concert as they each will then be eligible to get a free pair of “the 2019 Alishan Sunrise Impression sunglasses," which are limited to 3,000 pairs.

(photo courtesy of the CFDC)

(The 2018 Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert: Video from YouTube/Video credit of CNA)