Amazon launches plan to help Taiwanese firms sell to the world

Amazon Global Selling kicks off strategic plan to maximize potential of Taiwanese firms

(Image from Amazon Global Selling)

(Image from Amazon Global Selling)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Amazon Global Selling held its first seller summit in Taiwan today, and launched three priorities to help Taiwanese brands sell to the world.

The three priorities, which are part of Amazon’s 2019 strategic plan for Taiwan, hope to facilitate sales through online export channels, achieve continuous business growth, and create international brands.

Lin Hui-chun (林惠君) general manager of Amazon Global Selling Taiwan, said that over the past year, Amazon has met with Taiwanese companies to understand their needs in order to better foster cross-border exchange.

The strategic plan has three main priorities which aim to develop new markets for Taiwanese products, cultivate Taiwanese industrial clustering, and develop a top 100 Taiwanese seller program.

As part of this plan, Amazon will help Taiwanese companies sell their wares to Australia and the five key European markets of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K.

Amazon will also help Taiwanese suppliers make use of Taiwan’s complete supply chains, as well as market intermediate goods to international partners.

Lastly, through Amazon’s top 100 seller support program, Taiwanese companies will be offered assistance with their marketing, support for further expansion through Amazon platforms, and advice to establish international brands.