Taiwanese chef to showcase traditional food at New Year feast

Fresh ingredients and cooking skill to be showcased in Tainan

Lu Cheng-chih, left, showcasing traditional Taiwanese food

Lu Cheng-chih, left, showcasing traditional Taiwanese food (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Award-winning chef Lu Cheng-chih (盧正治) will put on a New Year’s day feast in Tainan City, showcasing food and cooking techniques of yesteryear, reported CNA.

Lu said he hopes that the traditional cooking showcase will inspire and educate the public of years gone by.

The feast will take place on the evening of Jan. 1, outside of the Shanxi Temple in Guanmiao District, Tainan City. The event will seat 60, and showcase 10 classic dishes.

Lu held a press event in Tainan City today, where he gave a taste of what is to come. Using a very hot pan, he cooked an eel and green onion dish in 20 seconds, and immediately served it to onlookers.

The menu is designed to capture the taste of Taiwan’s early period. During this time, cooking championed natural flavor, limited seasonings, fresh ingredients, and skillful technique.

Lu said that in the early period when resources were relatively scarce, people only ate sumptuous dishes during festivals. He added that dining culture is a distinct achievement of the Taiwanese people, and it maintains an important role in society today.

To give an example of how tastes have changed over time, Lu said that celery and squid soup was traditionally served during banquets, but this dish was superseded by other dishes like shark fin soup.

Celery and squid soup. (CNA image)