Photo of the Day: View of Taipei 101 through trees

American teacher captures photo of Taipei's skyline through trees at Fuzhoushan Park

View of Taipei 101 through trees. (Photo by Tyler Bassett)

View of Taipei 101 through trees. (Photo by Tyler Bassett)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American teacher captured this photo of Taipei's skyline, including the iconic Taipei 101 tower, framed by trees in one of the city's lesser-known parks on Sunday (Dec. 2).

The photographer, Tyler Bassett, 26, snapped the photo at 10:38 a.m. on Sunday while hiking in Taipei's Fuzhoushan Park (福州山公園) in Da'an District. The next day, a friend of Bassett uploaded the photo with the caption "Trees framing Taipei 101" to the social media platform Reddit, where it received over 200 upvotes within less than one day.

Bassett said he chose the location because he wanted to take a photo of Taipei 101 that was not from the "typical Xiangshan view." He was referring to Xiangshan (象山, Elephant Mountain), which is generally the most popular location to take photos of Taipei 101 and surrounding buildings.

Taipei skyline from Fuzhoushan Park. (Photo by Tyler Bassett)