It’s time to enjoy leaves changing colors at Taipei's Yangmingshan

Yangminshan is the best place for Taipei area residents to enjoy colorful foliage at this time of year

(Photo courtesy of the PSLO)

(Photo courtesy of the PSLO)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As it’s now December, it’s time to enjoy delightfully colorful deciduous trees, which usually grow in Taiwan’s remote high mountain areas. But if you don’t want to bother traveling far, Yangminshan is the best nearby place for greater Taipei area residents to enjoy colorful foliage at this time of year, according to a news release posted by Taipei’s Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) on Monday.

The PSLO especially recommended the Floriculture Experiment Center (FEC) just beside the gas station near Chinese Culture University (花卉試驗中心) and Qianshan Park (前山公園) near the Yangmingshan bus station.

Currently the leaves of the nine ginkgo trees in the FEC have turned yellow, and it’s a good time to appreciate these trees before their leaves fall sometime in December, the PSLO said. The Yellow Maple trees are fully yellow and the leaves of the Green Maple trees are turning red in the FEC, which has become a nice place for new couples to take photos at this time of year, the PSLO said, adding that

In addition, the Fragrant Maple and Green Maple trees, which are growing all over Qianshan Park, especially around the basketball courts, are gradually changing colors from yellow to red. FEC Director Song Fu-hua said that even though maple leaves in the Yangmingshan area will not turn as red as maple trees in high mountain areas, Yangmingshan is so close to Taipei that many people can come to appreciate the leaves every year.

To get to the Floriculture Experiment Center, visitors can take public buses to Yangmingshan. Routes include 260, 303, R5, and Royal Bus Jinshan Line. Alight at the stop for the Shanzihou Police Station. The center is a three-minute-walk back from the bus stop. For people heading to Qianshan Park, continue on the ride and then get off at the Yangmingshan bus station.

Due to narrow roads and limited parking space, the center encourages the public to take public transportation.

The following photos are courtesy of the PSLO)