I-Mei Foods plans to purchase 150 tons of cabbage to stabilize falling prices

I-Mei Foods offers assistance to Taiwan's cabbage farmers

(Photo taken from Facebook page of 義美食品)

(Photo taken from Facebook page of 義美食品)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s food giant I-Mei Foods announced on Dec. 1 that it plans to purchase 150 tons of cabbage at a price of NT$12.5 per kilogram in the hope that the action will quickly boost the vegetable’s market price to a level where cabbage farmers will no longer incur losses.

Currently, there is a glut of cabbage due to the fortuitous weather during the vegetable’s growing season, I-Mei said in a post on the company’s Facebook page on Saturday. The food company also lauded the vegetable as having heath benefits and is especially good for stomach.

Due to the unreasonably low market price, some cabbage farmers even gave up harvesting the vegetable, which is a “priceless” loss for the farmers, and for consumers as well, the company said.

While the low price has disappointed the farmers, dragging them into a helpless situation, agriculture officials are not having a jovial time either, as they find themselves on the receiving end of blame and are called “incapable,” according to the company.

I-Mei said the company is willing to help protect the farmers by offering to purchase much of the vegetable crop at a reasonable fee to help stabilize its price. The company also encouraged housewives in the country to purchase more of this healthy vegetable during this difficult time for the farmers.

I-Mei will purchase a total of 150 tons of cabbage at its Taoyuan City warehouse at NT$12.5 per kilogram, and the purchase will be divided into 25 tons a week for six weeks, the company said.

“We hope the market price will soon come back to above the level where farmers will no longer incur losses,” the company said.