Taiwan can expect a warmer than average Winter this year: CWB

Warm comfortable weather forecast through Wednesday, Dec. 5, with chilly temperatures arriving later in the week

(Image from Unsplash user JodyHongFlims)

(Image from Unsplash user JodyHongFlims)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After a slightly warmer November than Taiwan is generally accustomed to, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) says the trend is likely to continue through Winter with warmer than average temperatures predicted through February.

The CWB noted that while average temperatures in November were slightly warmer than average, temperatures in October reflected cooler average temperatures.

In terms of rainfall during Taiwan’s Autumn period, precipitation was close to the historical average in the north and northeast. However, central and southern Taiwan received less rainfall than normal this Fall.

Over the coming Winter months, the CWB expects the warmer air fronts from the Pacific Ocean to affect Taiwan’s Eastern region and central mountain range, resulting in a very mild winter for those areas.

The CWB says that other nations in the region can also likely expect a warmer than average winter. The warmer temperatures will also likely contribute to increased rainfall for the period from December to February.

Even though the winter is predicted to be less cold than average, the CWB cautions people in Taiwan to remember that the cooler temperatures can still affect human health. People are still advised to dress warmly to avoid catching cold, and also to keep their homes well ventilated, especially when using gas water heaters.

Despite the potential for increased rain this coming winter, the population is still encouraged to conserve water over the coming months, during the period that is usually Taiwan’s dry season.

For the next few days, expect comfortable warm weather through the weekend and until around Wednesday, Dec. 5, when Taiwan may see scattered showers around the country.

Later in the week two waves of cold air and high pressure are expected to move from the south to the north, and may reach Taipei by the weekend of Dec. 8-9, causing chilly weather for a few days.