Tainan Design Week kicks off Dec. 1

The event will highlight local arts and the city's renowned cuisine

(Image by Tainan City Government)

(Image by Tainan City Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tainan Design Week starts Dec. 1 with the theme “FEAST,” and organizers are preparing for a celebration of Tainan’s creative design industries and culinary treats.

The website of Tainan’s Blueprint Culture and Creative Park, which will accommodate one of the main exhibitions, says the city has a rich history and culture, and is host to a diverse range of creative industries. Creative design brands from around the island have been invited to exhibit their products at the park in order to expand their customer base and connect with each other for collaboration and idea exchanges.

Blueprint Creative & Culture Park (Image by Tainan City Government)

Design departments from Tainan University of Technology and Tainan National University of the Arts have been invited to host an exhibition to help audiences explore the relationship between people, things, the environment, and food. The schools will showcase how creative design can be a driver for the regional economy and environmental sustainability.

Tainan Design Week will also highlight the crafts of local artists and the collections from national art centers, including the Taipei Indigenous Contemporary Arts gallery, which will promote new indigenous artworks with galleries and installations on site.

The event will take place over nine days. Food is to be a prominent feature, and organizers have mapped out three “food walks” to encourage visitors to appreciate the Tainan cityscape and its unique culinary delights.

“Take a short trip, eat delicious food” (設計小旅行,食在好味道) was adopted as the slogan for this particular aspect of Design Week. The Cultural Affairs Bureau named the three walks “the secret path to a sweet aftertaste”, “noble bottle tree stroll” and “food in full bloom.”

Organizers collaborated with Tainan Art and Design Association to provide illustrations that connect the 30-odd stores in the area and showcase the city’s urban beauty and cuisine.

More information can be found about the event in Chinese on its official Facebook page.