Toucheng Old Street in Taiwan a new Instagram-worthy spot

3D wall murals introduce an artistic air to the old street

3D wall murals in Toucheng Old Street (Photo/FB_Qian Shun Tsao)

3D wall murals in Toucheng Old Street (Photo/FB_Qian Shun Tsao)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Toucheng Old Street (頭城老街) in Yilan County has regained its glamour with a number of Instagrammable spots thanks to a renaissance project by the local government.

Boasting a thriving past as an economic hub back in the Qing Dynasty, Toucheng Township in the northeastern municipality of Taiwan is undergoing a transformation involving the implementation of 3D wall murals on old buildings, installation of calligraphy inscription tablets featuring writings by renowned local calligraphers, and more.

The project, sponsored by the central government with a budget of NT$9 million, has been 70 percent implemented and is slated for completion in early December, according to Toucheng Township Office.

Some of the 3D wall murals have been created with motifs spanning grocery shopfronts, huge ice desserts, and people from the past era, evoking memories of a nostalgic past.

The Toucheng Old Street will also incorporate elements of works of prominent figures in the cultural and art world – a source of pride for the town – including novelist Li Jong-chun (李榮春), calligrapher Kang Yen-chuan (康灩泉), and painter Yang Chien-chung (楊乾鐘).

Touting that the street is arguably the most artistic old street in Taiwan, Toucheng Town Mayor Tsao Qian-shun (曹乾舜) believes the rejuvenation program will breathe new life into the old district while boosting its tourist appeal.

(Photos/FB_Qian Shun Tsao)