2 Taiwanese school kids left home for Kenting after being scolded by teachers

The two boys traveled a 200 km long railroad from Chiayi to Kenting

(Photo courtesy of Chiayi Police Station /CNA photo banks)

(Photo courtesy of Chiayi Police Station /CNA photo banks)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Two Taiwanese children aged 10, who left their homes in Chiayi together after being scolded by a teacher, were found safe and robust in the southernmost point of Kenting last week.

On Nov. 23, a pair of young schoolboys surnamed Huang and Su were reported missing by their parents after they saw no signs of the kids coming home from school, CNA reported.

Via the location-based services on the mobile phone, parents and police worked out that the children were possibly in the south of Kenting. Therefore, the local police station in Kenting was informed about the case and began jointly looking for the boys.

At around 11 p.m., local officials received a phone call from a convenience store that they had found two kids without parental escort playing in the store. Police then swiftly arrived at the scene and saw the two boys looking safe and sound.

Chatting with the policemen, the pair said they were displeased for being scolded by their teacher even though they had submitted their homework. Bearing dissatisfaction, they instead went home to take a train to the south and got off at the last stop in Kenting, local news reports.

The two boys had traveled on the 200 kilometers railroad from Chiayi to Kenting with around NT$1,000 in the pocket, the reports said.

Later on, the two kids were taken to the nearby police station and waited for their parents to bring them home.

Two missing kids reunited with their parents (Kenting Police Station/ CNA photo)