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Four 7-Eleven customers win NT$10 million Taiwan receipt lottery jackpot

Remember to check your all of your receipts issued in September and October!

7-Eleven in Taiwan. (Photo by flickr user David)

7-Eleven in Taiwan. (Photo by flickr user David)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Just a day after Taiwan's Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced the uniform-invoice winning numbers for September and October period, it has been announced that four of the winning receipts for the NT$10 million Special Prize belong to 7-Eleven customers.

The lucky winning number for the NT$10 million (US$324,000) jackpot in the latest draw is 96363025. Prize money can be claimed between Dec.6, 2018 and March 5, 2019, according to MOF.

Additionally, holders of receipts with the number 69095110 are eligible to collect an NT$2 million Grand Prize (US$65,000).

On Nov. 26, four 7-Eleven winning receipts were announced for the NT$10 million jackpot with the amount of money spent around NT$45, NT$95, NT$58 and NT$180. These winners shopped at 7-Eleven stores in Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, and Taipei, respectively.

Meanwhile, transactions for two receipt lottery winners of the NT$2 million Grand Prize were made in New Taipei City and Taoyuan City, according to the Liberty Times.

If holding a winning receipt, the winner must fill out the form on the back of the uniform invoice and present it with his or her ID card at any participating financial institution to collect the prize money.

Note that: After Dec. 28, Taiwan's post offices will no longer offer cash redemption services for winning uniform-invoices.