Taiwan's Center for Corporate Sustainability urges 'responsible corporate governance'

The Secretary General of the Center addressed the goals and the value of promoting corporate responsibility at the 2018 GSCF

Yuh-Ming Lee, Secretary General, Center for Corporate Governance

Yuh-Ming Lee, Secretary General, Center for Corporate Governance (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – At the 2018 Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF) on Friday, Nov.23, the Secretary General of the Center for Corporate Sustainability discussed methods for Taiwan to drive sustainable development in the future.

In a presentation titled “Enrich Taiwan's corporate sustainable development by academic and practical training,” Secretary General Yuh-Ming Lee offered insight into how Taiwan can pursue a broad approach to fostering corporate commitment to UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The Center for Corporate Sustainability, based in Taipei, strives to highlight the importance and the value of pursuing sustainable development goals and social responsibility for companies in Taiwan and abroad.

Working with an array of partner firms and universities, the Center has successfully created training programs to educate young professionals on how to better integrate and pursue corporate social responsibility (CSR) into a business model.

Lee explained that for any business model, three aspects should be considered, the economic aspect, the environmental aspect, and the social aspect. When a business is aware of, and committed to responsible actions in all three areas then it can be said to be an agent for positive and sustainable development.

According to Lee, a company dedicated to SDGs should work towards five main goals.
-Deepening Corporate Governance and CSR culture
-Augmenting regulatory enforcement
-Enhancing board functions
-Promoting shareholder activism
-Strengthening Information Transparency

Along with many other presenters at the GCSF, Lee emphasized that the aims of incorporating CSR and working towards SDGs will ideally result in companies that recognize and further promote the concept of “corporate citizenship.”

According to speakers at the GSCF, when the global corporate culture reflects such an ideal, international businesses can become responsible stewards of the planet, as well as the economy and human society.

In Taiwan, there are already very encouraging signs that the country is moving rapidly in such a direction, and is positioning itself to be an important role model for other nations moving forward.

At the GSCF on Thursday, Nov. 22, the Secretary General of the Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability proudly announced that Taiwan has already entered an “era of socially responsible investment” which indicates encouraging prospects for a commitment to CSR among Taiwanese businesses.

Speakers at the 2018 GSCF seminar "Best Practice of SDGs and CSR I with Chairman of the Alliance for Sustainable Development, Eugene Chien,center (Taiwan News Image)