Australia-New Zealand-Taiwan success celebrated at ANZCham Business Awards

Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan businesses celebrated for international collaboration and achievement

Distinguished guests at 13th annual ANZCham Business Awards

Distinguished guests at 13th annual ANZCham Business Awards (By Taiwan News)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 13th annual Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (ANZCham) Business Awards were held in Taipei on Nov. 22, where champions of business between the three nations were celebrated.

Six winners were named in five categories, with Ansett Aviation Asia taking home the Australia-Taiwan Business Excellence Award, and GNS Science taking home the New Zealand-Taiwan Business Excellence Award.

The gala was attended by Director of the Australian Office, Gary Cowan; Director of the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office, Moira Turley; Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs, Kung Ming-hsin (龔明鑫); numerous politicians, and a host of business leaders.

During the opening remarks, Kung spoke about how Taiwan's interactions with businesses from Australia and New Zealand are mutually beneficial, and hoped for more exchange to occur in the future.

New Zealand’s top representative to Taiwan, Moira Turley, spoke about the "genuine things to celebrate" in New Zealand-Taiwan business ties, like this year's fifth anniversary of the bilateral free trade agreement and the air services agreement which has seen Air New Zealand re-enter the Taiwan market. Beyond this, Turley spoke about emerging collaboration in geothermal energy and artificial intelligence, as well as blossoming cultural ties.

Australia’s top representative to Taiwan, Gary Cowan, mentioned four reasons to be thankful, listing the ANZCham for connecting and giving life to trilateral ties, Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs for supporting economic exchange, new opportunities in finance and education, and Taiwan's vibrant democracy.

Ansett Aviation Asia, an Australian aviation training company won the Australia-Taiwan Business Excellence Award for their state of the art training facility in Taoyuan City.

Ansett’s Taoyuan facility is currently training pilots from Australia, southeast Asia, and the subcontinent, making good use of Taiwan’s favorable geography as a regional hub and amid growing aviation demand.

The International School of Technology and Management at Feng Chia University won the Australia-Taiwan Business Partnership Award for their innovative curriculum that includes two years studying at RMIT University in Victoria, Australia. The program developed to support the next generation of leaders in business, civil society, and government, and will leave graduates with certificates from both universities.

Winners and officials of Australia-Taiwan business awards. Left, Trade and Investment Queensland head, Patrick Hafenstein, fourth from left, Gary Cowan, right, Kung Ming-hsin. (Taiwan News)

GNS Science, a leading geothermal energy consultancy won the New Zealand-Taiwan Business Excellence Award for their work in Taiwan alongside local governments and the private sector to achieve Taiwan’s renewable energy goals.

GNS is lending its technical expertise to Taiwan’s policymakers, project developers, scientists, and regulators to help enable exploitation of renewable resources.

Taiwan’s ITRI Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories and Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs co-won the New Zealand-Taiwan Business Partnership Award.

ITRI were recognized for their research into geothermal energy, which saw a number of partnerships and collaboration with NZ counterparts, and the Bureau of Energy was also recognized for their investigation into the use of geothermal energy, as well as for their support of New Zealand businesses looking to expand into Taiwan.

This was the first time that a section of ITRI had been recognized with a business-related award, quipped the ITRI representative during his acceptance speech.

The New Taipei City Yuteh Private School was awarded the Queensland-Taiwan Business Excellence Award for their groundbreaking partnership with Education Queensland International.

Under the partnership, high school leaves will walk away with a bona fide Australian high school diploma, paving the way for smooth access to study at an Australian university. The partnership is the first of its kind for both Taiwan and the Queensland state government.

Winners and officials of New Zealand-Taiwan business awards. Forth from left, Moira Turley, second from right, Kung Ming-hsin. (Taiwan News)