Pet neutering subsidy available at 16 veterinary hospitals in Taipei

Pet owners are granted cash up to NT$2,000 for having their cats or dogs sterilized

A neutered dog (Photo/Taipei City Animal Protection Office)

A neutered dog (Photo/Taipei City Animal Protection Office)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Pet owners in Taipei are encouraged to take advantage of the city’s neutering program with up to NT$2,000 cash subsidies at 16 veterinary hospitals.

Pet owners should have their pets sterilized as stipulated by the Animal Protection Act, according to Animal Protection Office (APO), for better quality of life both for the furkids and their human companions.

As an incentive, those who have their dogs or cats (under 10 kilograms) fixed at one, out of a total of 16, veterinary facilities in Taipei are eligible to apply for cash reimbursement for the surgery – up to NT$1,200 (US$39) for male and NT$2,000 (US$64) for female animals.

With the completion of the surgery, they will receive an extra subsidy of NT$600 (US$19) and NT1,200 for male and female canines or felines, respectively, said APO in a press release.

Individuals interested in the program are advised to inquire about information relating to the castration/spaying surgery and availability before they head to the designated hospitals. A neutering waiver should be obtained from the authorities if the pet is considered ill-suited for neutering due to health issues.

With only 800 seats left, the animal protection agency urged the public to seize the opportunity and apply for the subsidies by the expiration date of Dec. 25.

For more information, visit the official website of APO, Facebook Taipei Animal Shelter, or Facebook Taipei Animal Friendly Space.

Designated veterinary hospitals in the subsidy program (Image/APO)