Taiwan’s mobile internet speed ranks in top 20 worldwide

The country's mobile internet is also 5th fastest in Asia



TAIPEI (Taiwan news) — Global internet speed testing and analysis agency Ookla declared average mobile internet speeds in Taiwan the 20th fastest in the world.

Ookla is responsible for the Speedtest website where internet users can measure their reaction times, and download and upload speeds. The company has just released its latest ranking of global mobile internet speeds based on analysis conducted between January and October. With an average download speed of 43.03 Mbps, Taiwan falls in 20th place, just behind Croatia.

According to the rankings, Norway has the fastest mobile internet in the world with average download speeds of 67.17 Mbps. Following Norway is Iceland, with 67.05 Mbps average download speeds, and Singapore rounds off the top three with average download speeds of 57.28 Mbps. Behind Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Korea, Taiwan ranks third highest in Asia for average mobile internet speeds.

(Image from Speedtest Global Index website)

Detailed data analysis from Ookla shows that mobile download speeds have increased to above 40 Mbps in Taiwan since May this year. Ookla also labeled Chunghwa Telecom as the fastest out of the five major service providers, based on speed data collected between January and June.

(Image from Speedtest Global Index website)

Taiwan is generally renowned for its high internet speeds. In October, reports by Statista and Cable.co.uk ranked Taiwan’s broadband internet as third fastest in the world.

Lonely Planet has also listed Kaohsiung (高雄) in southern Taiwan as one of its top ten places to live as a “digital nomad”—someone who conducts work mostly online from a foreign country—due to factors including internet speed and living costs.

A full breakdown of global average mobile and fixed broadband internet speeds can be found over at the Speedtest Global Index.