Photo of the Day: Claw machine painted on transformer box in western Taiwan

3D painting of Karasumi in a claw machine spotted in western Taiwan's Yunlin County

(Image from 爆怨公社 Facebook page)

(Image from 爆怨公社 Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A transformer box in Sihu Township of western Taiwan's Yunlin County has been painted to look like the inside of a claw machine.

In the 3D painting, photos which have been uploaded to the Taiwanese Facebook group Baoyuan Commune (爆怨公社), the artist appears to operate a handle to guide an arcade claw in grabbing a ​massive Karasumi (烏魚子), or dried mullet roe. On one side a handle has been painted to look like the key to an old fashioned door lock, while the back shows a Karasumi seeming to squirt out a vent.

Netizens on Baoyuan Commune were impressed with the realism of the 3-D painting:

"There's a god, quickly pray."

"Too creative."

"So strong, where's the address, I want to go and make a pilgrimage."

"I'm really enjoying your work very much, your paining has also brought a lot of attention to my grandmother's neighborhood. I really like Master Tseng's paintings very much."

In 2016, a transformer box was spotted in Tainan painted to look like a weathered wooden bookcase.

(Image from 爆怨公社 Facebook page)

(Image from 爆怨公社 Facebook page)

(Image from 爆怨公社 Facebook page)

Photo of transformer painted to look like bookshelf in Tainan. (Image from Facebook group ​台南諸事會社)

Closer view of "bookshelf" in Tainan. (Image from Facebook group ​台南諸事會社)