A mystic place in Taipei surrounded by golden deciduous cypresses 

The deciduous cypress trees in a Taipei community begin changing colors, making for an attraction that’s worth a visit


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – With the coming of the Fall season, the deciduous cypress trees in a Taipei City community have begun to change colors, making themselves into an attraction that’s worth a visit, according to a news release posted by Taipei’s Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) on its website earlier in November.

The cypress trees are located in front of Lishan Farmers Square (麗山農民廣場) near the Sifen River in Nangang District’s Juiru Community. The GEO said that, when seasonal northeasterly winds begin to blow, the green deciduous cypress leaves will silently turn yellow, orange, and then golden red just before they begin to fall and turn the ground around the trees into golden rugs. Chen Jian-fan (陳建帆), the chief of the GEO Slope Conservation Section, recommended that the public plan ahead to visit the place after about 10 days to catch the peak color.

The GEO said it had built Japanese-style pavilions, a riverbank trail, and the heart-shaped river-crossing stepping stones at Lishan Farmers Square.

Chen said it is a pleasure to take a slow walk on the riverbank trail, stroll on the heart-shaped river-crossing stepping stones, and listen to the running water while enjoying the season-limited colors of the deciduous cypresses.

If you wish to visit Jiuru Community, you may go by car or take the MRT Blue Line to Kunyang Station (昆陽站) or Brown Line to Taipei Zoo Station (動物園站); then take Bus S12, alight at the Lishan Bridge (麗山橋) Stop, and walk along Section 4 of Yanjiuyuan Road (研究院路)until reaching Lishan Farmers Square (Lishan Park).

The following photos are courtesy of the GEO