Mayoral candidate in southern Taiwan recites Gettysburg Address in campaign speech

Huang Hung Cheng, otherwise known as 'Taiwan’s World’s Greatest Man, President, and God of Wealth' is well-known for his performance antics

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Returning to electoral politics, for yet another attempt to become Mayor of Chiayi City in southern Taiwan, is Huang Hung Cheng (黃宏成), who is known for his absurdist antics on the campaign trail.

Huang, who runs under the official name of “Taiwan’s World’s Greatest Man, President, and God of Wealth” (台灣阿成世界偉人財神總統), did not disappoint constituents this year, when he delivered an impassioned portion of the famous Gettysburg Address as part of his appeal to voters.

And, that was just one small portion of his remarkable twenty five minute address, which took place on Nov. 18, during a publicly televised event to acquaint local voters with the candidates and their platforms.

Appearing in costume as the “god of wealth” (財神) of classic folk tradition, Huang began his address by invoking blessings for the country, and then by throwing a large amount of NT$1000 bills into the air and towards the camera.

He then began a series of acapella songs, before introducing some of his favorite snacks.

Huang expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of politics interlaced with song, plenty of puns, and humor for speakers of Taiwanese and Mandarin.

Before echoing the famous words of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln following the Union victory at Gettysburg during the U.S. Civil War, Huang first declares that Trump and Taiwan’s “President and God of Wealth” are brothers.

According to Huang, Donald Trump has secretly been supporting Huang’s campaign for Chiayi mayor via hand signals indicating the number three, which is the candidate's number on the ballot form.

He then says “President Tsai, now you finally know why Trump had that phone conversation with you!” before inexplicably launching into the Gettysburg address.

After producers attempt to cut his mic, Huang soldiers on, and berates the producers. He adds "President of the United States Donald Trump, you should remember this speech forever, otherwise, you are fired!"

He then displays a large sign with the famous phrase, and shouts again "you are fired!"

One of the most amusing aspects of the entire performance was without a doubt the sign language interpreter who remains straight-faced and professional despite Huang’s spectacle.

Many online observers have drawn comparisons between Huang and the U.S. electoral candidate, Vermin Love Supreme, who has run for office in every U.S. Presidential election since 2004.

Supreme, who runs on a platform of free ponies for all citizens, zombie preparedness, and dental hygiene, has been quoted as saying he “will lie to you, because (he) has no reason not to.”

To see more of “Taiwan’s World’s Greatest Man, President, and God of Wealth” in action, check out his speech in 2016, when he stopped for nearly five minutes to enjoy a boxed lunch during the televised address.