Photo of the Day: New Taipei's Shifen Waterfall

Swedish YouTuber captures a spectacular photo of New Taipei's Shifen Waterfall

Shifen Waterfall. (Image by @lukasengstrom)

Shifen Waterfall. (Image by @lukasengstrom)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Swedish YouTuber captured this spectacular photo of Shifen Waterfall in New Taipei City this past weekend.

The photographer, Lukas Engström, 29, says he captured the photo while visiting Shifen on Nov. 17. Engström said that he took the photo to use in his upcoming video on the Shifen Waterfall in his YouTube channel.

On Nov. 18, Engström posted the image to the travel subreddit of the social media platform Reddit, where it has already gained 3,500 upvotes.

The waterfall is 20 meters tall and is 40 meters wide. As the waterfall forms a horseshoe, it is nicknamed the "Little Niagara of Taiwan" and is considered by many to be Taiwan’s most scenic waterfall.

(Photo by instagram user @lukasengstrom)