TDCC releases update to e-passbook app featuring cloud backup, notifications

App first launched in 2017 now allows investors access to stock summaries


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) released an update to its e-passbook app on Monday, adding four main features including notification, cloud data backup, data visualization with more infographics, and market insight.

The company launched the e-passbook app in late March of 2017, allowing retail investors to access to a summary of their portfolio with no need to visit physical automatic machines to swipe the book for the updates. Also, each investor can put together different trading accounts into one app, as well as have access to information relevant to shareholders meetings.

Today, the app hit 410,000 installs, said TDCC Chairman Sherman Lin in Monday's release event.

The company said the update has established a cloud backup system, which stores transactional data in cloud instead of the phones, and this will protect investor's critical transactional data from disaster.

To improve user experience, the interface has been uplifted in the 2.0 version with stock portfolio data visualization. Also, the waterfall methodology is applied to hook users, as it's the most widely employed and also seems to make the most intuitive sense.

The 2.0 version will allow users to quickly access company announcements, markets, analysis, and insight, as well as to receive notifications at request.

Lin concluded the app will continue to evolve with feedback from their partners and investors, and work with fintech startups, as a brand new dynamic system, to allow greater UX/UI optimization.