New 92km 'Grand Hike' across Taipei sees number of finishers top 100 individuals

In less than two months after the announcement initiating the new 'Grand Hike,' more than 100 people have accomplished the feat


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The number of people who have finished the 92km "Grand Hike" across the ridges within the city of Taipei has now topped 100, over the less than two months after the city government began publicly promoting the activity in September, according to a news release posted on the city’s Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) recently.

(Video taken from the GEO's Facebook fan page)

At a press conference on Sep. 17, the GEO announced a newly marked 92 kilometer route that goes across all the ridges surrounding the city and encouraged people to complete the Grand Hike, also saying that anyone who finishes the hike and takes photos at the 12 designated locations within the timespan of one year will be awarded a sports towel.

The office said that, in addition to offering those who complete the challenge one sports towel, it has decided to present each 100th finisher (100th, 200th, 300th , etc.) a special souvenir.

The agency added that reports of individuals completing the challenge began to arrive during the first week following the announcement, and in less than two months, more than 100 people have achieved the feat.

GEO Industrial and Trail Section Chief Chen Yen-cheng (陳彥成) said that interested individuals can pick up a brochure containing maps of the Grand Trail at the GEO’s office, or search the agency’s recreational activity website or Facebook fan page.

The address of the GEO Industrial and Trail Section office is: 3rd Fl., No. 300, Songde Rd., Xinyi District.

The following photos are courtesy of the GEO