Designer creates 'Government in Exile' cover to explain Taiwanese passport

The anonymous designer reportedly wants to help inform the world about Taiwan's situation

Government in Exile Passport cover (Image from Facebook)

Government in Exile Passport cover (Image from Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – For many Taiwanese people who travel internationally, the cover of the country’s passport can sometimes be confusing for immigration and customs officials in other countries. It can also be disheartening for many Taiwanese citizens who do not consider themselves Chinese.

To help better explain the country’s situation to others using the cover of the Taiwanese passport, a local Taiwanese designer has created a rather cheeky passport cover.

The “Government in Exile” passport cover offers a very simple illustrated history lesson on Taiwan, in an effort to help explain why the passport carried by Taiwanese people includes the “Republic of China” designation.

The clear passport sleeve places the dates “1912-1949” above the name of the government listed on the Taiwanese passport, implying that the name "Republic of China" is an antiquated term.

The Facebook page Get Green (抓到了!這梗很綠) first unveiled the passport covers on the evening of Nov. 16. It was reportedly designed by a single person that wants to help the world better understand Taiwan’s situation.

The front side of the passport cover includes the statement “KMT Party killed lots of Taiwanese,” and the back of the passport sleeve displays the message:

“Taiwan is not yet a normal state.
Please support us on the way to the soveregin (sic) state,

The designer has chosen to remain anonymous, but is selling the new passport covers through an online shop.

(Image from GET GREEN Facebook)