Photo of the Day: 'Tri-colored maple leaves' in Japan

Photos of 'tri-colored' maple leaves in Japan quickly go viral

Tri-colored leaves. (Images from Twitter user @komorozoo)

Tri-colored leaves. (Images from Twitter user @komorozoo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As the maple leaves in Japan begin to change color, the Komoro Zoo's Kaokoen Garden in Japan's Nagano Prefecture on Nov. 13 shared photos of its curious "tri-color maple leaves" on Twitter.

In the photos, the three left of blades of the maple leaf are still green, three center blades are red, and the far right blade is yellow. This magnificent specimen encapsulates all three colors of the maple tree through the seasons into one leaf.

(Photo from Twitter user @komorozoo)

In addition, a second leaf was displayed which was dubbed "bi-color maple leaves," with green blades on the left and right and red blades in the center. After the zoo posted photos of the two leaves on Twitter, they quickly attracted the attention of netizens, soon generating 43,000 retweets, 155,000 likes and 165 comments.

"Tri-color" and "bi-color" leaves side by side. (Photo from Twitter user @komorozoo)