New Taipei's dazzling Christmasland lights up tonight

Bigger and brighter psychedelic Christmasland lights up tonight in New Taipei

(Image from @ntctour)

(Image from @ntctour)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- New Taipei City's annual Christmasland light festival is bigger than ever this year and kicks off this evening at 5:20 p.m. (Nov. 16) in New Taipei City Plaza, featuring four major zones, "light bridges," psychedelic 3-D light shows, folk song and dance performances, and free LINE stickers.

From Nov. 16 to Jan. 1, 2019, the plaza will be engulfed in a sea of thousands of LED lights and festive displays in a celebration that attracts swarms of visitors each year.

On the second floor corridor, 900 LED tubes have been installed and are administered using the same German light control technology that was used during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The tubes are able to employ 256 different colors in a kaleidoscopic menagarie.

Christmas tree in center of plaza. (Image from New Taipei City Government)

The awe-inspiring display consists of four major zones, including Santa Galaxy (at Banqiao citizen square), Symphony Galaxy (at the stationfront square), Robocar Poli Galaxy (at Wanping Park) and Circular Galaxy (near the Banqiao connection of the MRT circular line).

For the kids, the Robocar Poli Galaxy in Wanping Park will display Poli-themed light sculptures and offer glittering fairground rides.

Psychedelic planet. (Photo from

Starting on Nov. 17, a "Psychedelic Planet" (迷幻星球) composed of 100,000 LED lights will be displayed every half hour in the Symphony Galaxy area, creating a hallucinogenic light show.

A 3-D light sculpture projection called "Galaxy Planet Adventure" will be showcased for six minutes every half hour from 5:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Starting on Dec. 7, a second 3-D light show will be on display.

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A number of specific events are scheduled on the Christmasland calendar, including folk song and dance performances, character meet and greets for children, and a special Christmas Eve celebration jointly organized by Christian groups and groups representing the disadvantaged to encourage the spirit of giving and care for the weak.

Free Christmas-themed LINE stickers will be available at 30 beacon installations around Christmasland. Using Bluetooth, visitors can download free Christmas stickers, send Christmas greetings, and take commemorative photos with Christmas themes.

"Flashing Meteor Night Sky." (Image from New Taipei City Government)

In response to the Instagram craze created by last year's "Blue Time Tunnel," this year's festival will include five "light bridges," including the "Golden Star Bridge," "Pink Star Bridge," "Galaxy Star Bridge," and the "Blue Ray Star Bridge." In addition, the Banchiao Station B1 corridor will be transformed into a "Flashing Meteor Night Sky" with flowing lights.

"Pink Star Bridge." (Image from New Taipei City Government)

"Blue Ray Star Bridge." (Image from New Taipei City Government)

"Golden Star Bridge." (Image from New Taipei City Government)

"Galaxy Star Bridge." (Image from New Taipei City Government)

Special Christmas-themed LINE stickers. (Photo from

Video by New Taipei City Tour showing some of the highlights of the festival:

Another video by New Taipei City Tour giving a glimpse at this year's light displays:

Overhead view of New Taipei City Plaza. (Photo from

Map of the festival. (Image from

A complete listing of all the events scheduled for the extravaganza can be seen on the official Christmasland website.