New tourist hotspot in Taiwan's Taoyuan: new Sikou suspension bridge

The longest suspension bridge in Taiwan has become Taoyuan City’s new tourist hotspot

(photo courtesy of Taoyuan City Government)

(photo courtesy of Taoyuan City Government)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—The longest suspension bridge in Taiwan, located in the Fuxing District, Taiwan, has become Taoyuan City’s new tourist hotspot since its inauguration in January 2018.

The 330-meter new Sikou suspension bridge located in the city’s Fuxing District, straddles the Dahan River upstream of the Shihmen reservoir. It connects the Jiaobanshan park with the Sikou terrace across the river. The new bridge replaces the old one which was more than 40 years old. Walking across the suspension bridge allows visitors to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Dahan River valley and learn about the abundant water storage capacity of the dam.

An online reservation made in advance is required for a visit to the bridge, as there is a limit on the number of people allowed to walk across the bridge at one time. The time to visit the bridge during each opening day is divided into 14 slots, and a maximum of 200 visitors are allowed for each slot. Therefore, a total of 2,800 visitors are allowed each day.

Admission to the bridge is NT$100 for adults and NT$70 for people eligible for reduced-price tickets.

The bridge is closed on Tuesday. For advance online booking, please refer to this website. Online booking and ticket payment must be completed at least one hour before entering the bridge, according to the Taoyuan Travel website, a travel activity website sponsored by the city’s department of tourism.

After walking across the bridge, visitors are recommended to taste Atayal tribal foods at the Sikou village. After loitering about at the Sikou terrace, visitors should take a red-line free shuttle bus from the Sikou terrace to the Luofu hot spring park for a stopover, and then transfer to a free green-line shuttle bus back to the Jiaobanshan park.

There are many attractions at the Jiaobanshan park that are worth visiting as well, including former President Chiang Kai-Shek’s Jiabanshan Residence and Plum Garden.

“Plum Garden is a renowned plum blossom spot in Northern Taiwan,” an introduction to the garden on the website said. “White plum flowers blossom from late December to January in the following year, during which, the garden turns white as if covered in snow.”

How to get to the Jiaobanshan park and the Sikou suspension bridge:

Take Taoyuan Bus No. 5014, 5105, 5106, or 5109 at Daxi Station and get off at Fuxing Station.

(photo courtesy of Taoyuan City Government)

(photo from Instgram)

(photo from Instgram)

The Jiaobanshan park (photo from Taoyuan Travel website)

The Jiaobanshan Residence (photo from Taoyuan Travel website)