Bank of Taiwan launches commemorative banknote for the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse

The note is made of pure silver, and can be purchased for NT$1,596 (US$51.6)

(Photo courtesy of Bank of Taiwan)

(Photo courtesy of Bank of Taiwan)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The world’s favorite and most instantly-recognizable cartoon mouse is celebrating his 90th birthday this year, and Bank of Taiwan has issued a special commemorative bank note, available from today (Nov. 14), to mark the occasion.

Mickey Mouse first caught the public eye after appearing in the 1928 black-and-white cartoon Steamboat Willie, in which he duels with his adversary, Pete, over captaining a vessel along a river. Since then, the happy-go-lucky character has exploded into an international phenomenon, starring in over 120 shorts and feature-length films along with an array of friends and foes from the Disney world.

To celebrate the birthday of the globally-influential cartoon superstar, Bank of Taiwan has launched a “Disney’s Mickey Mouse 90th anniversary silver banknote.” Only 50,000 pieces are available worldwide, each selling for NT$1,596. Each banknote is made entirely of pure silver and weighs 5 grams.

One side of the Disney note features various colorful images of the lovable cartoon sprite inspired by his transformation throughout decades on screen. Meanwhile, the other side is printed with the image of Queen Elizabeth II, as the banknote was authorized by the Pacific island state of Niue and minted in New Zealand, both of which are members of the Commonwealth of formerly British-ruled nations.

(Photo courtesy of Bank of Taiwan)

Additionally, the note is packaged in an eye-catching black gift box. The bank stated that both the note and box have been crafted to reflect the decades-long legacy of Mickey Mouse and are a perfect addition to any Disney collection, as well as making an excellent New Year gift for friends and relatives.

Last year, a limited edition Disney banknote was issued by Bank of Taiwan to celebrate the Year of the Dog.