Taiwanese netizen spots deceased mother on Google Maps Street View

Taiwanese netizen moved by photos of mother on Google Maps Street View

Netizen's mother. (Images from 爆廢公社)

Netizen's mother. (Images from 爆廢公社)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A Taiwanese netizen grieving the loss of her mother was heartened to discover photos on Google Maps Street View showing her late-parent gardening in front of her home.

Missing her deceased mother, a Taiwanese woman suddenly decided to use Google Maps Street View to see if she could spot her while she was still alive. Amazingly, she found two images of her mother busily gardening on her front porch.

The woman then posted the images on the Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆廢公社) and wrote "Mom, I've looked for you for so long, but it turns out you've been at home all along! Mom, it's nothing, we're all doing very well, I just miss you!"

Many netizens were moved to tears:

"There are onions..."

"In fact, your Mom has always been by your side, best wishes."

"Seeing this makes me very sad... I can't find my Dad... I only see the car my Dad used to drive in parked in front of the front door."

"Too tear-jerking."

Others lamented that Google Maps Street View could not go back further in time or keep a permanent archive:

"I found out about this method too late."

"I can't find my grandfather and grandmother."

"I can't find my deceased dog."

"It would be great if there was Google Street View 32 years ago."

Netizen's mother on front porch. (Cropped Google Maps image from 爆廢公社)

Netizen's mother behind plants. (Cropped Google Maps image from 爆廢公社)