Sea of Flowers in Xinshe, central Taiwan

This year’s event will have a flower landscape zone totaling 16.5 hectares

(photo courtesy of the Sea of Flowers in Xinshe organizers)

(photo courtesy of the Sea of Flowers in Xinshe organizers)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The annual Sea of Flowers activity in Xinshe greets the public with breathtaking views of vast oceans of flowers, according to a statement posted on the official website of the event.

This event will bring bountiful floral charm to the city of Taichung in central Taiwan, which is holding the almost 6 month long Taichung World Flora Exposition from Nov. 3.

Organized by the Seed Improvement and Propagation Station of Council of Agriculture and Taichung City Government, this year’s event is scheduled to take place from Dec. 1 to Dec. 16, and will feature a flower landscape zone with an area totaling 16.5 hectares, according to the statement.

The flower landscape zone is divided into the “Landscape Plants and Flower Zone” and “Exquisite Plants and Flowers Zone,” the organizers said, adding that the former “is planted with cosmos and zinnia, showing a pink, wavy and vivid landscape,” while the latter “is planted with sage grass, marigold, spicata and cosmos, presenting color variations and geometric patterns in different layers.”

In addition to the landscape of various flower seas, this event will also feature three other zones—the edible plant zone, the sorghum zone, and the Hakka culture zone.

The edible plant zone displays the sources for Hakka food and agricultural products, the organizers said, adding, “There are nearly 30 types of vegetable and crops, such as melons, beans, cauliflowers, solanaceous vegetables, rhizomes and leafy vegetables.”

The sorghum zone allows visitors to get close to this unique crop, which is the main grain for brewing Kinmen’s sorghum liquor, the organizers said.

The Hakka culture zone features skillfully combined phonographs and flowers based on the concept of “listening to the sound of flowers,” the organizers said.

Public Transport

A. Transfer from Taiwan High-speed Rail
Station hall Exit 3 to Xinwuri train station → Take a local train to Taichung or Fengyuan station → Take Bus

B. Transfer from Taiwan Railways
Taichung station: Renyou bus 21 -2 or Fengyuan Bus 270, 271, 276, 277 to Zhongxingling. Then walk about 30 minutes to arrive at the venue.
Fengyuan station: Fengyuan Bus 91 to Zhongxingling → Then walk about 30 minutes to arrive at the venue.

C. Taichung City Bus
Taichung bus: Fengyuan Bus stops at Xingshe area, including Fengyuan Bus 91, 265, 270, 271, 272, 276, 277, 278, 279.

(The following photos are courtesy of the Sea of Flowers in Xinshe organizers)