YouTuber launches new series 'Traveling Taiwan' for students of Mandarin

The first video in the new series takes audiences to Shenkeng Old Street in New Taipei

Screen grab from YouTube

Screen grab from YouTube

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A YouTuber who has dedicated her channel to creating instructional videos for students learning Mandarin has announced a new series this week that will explore the culture and environment of Taiwan, while also offering tips on learning Mandarin.

Check out the most recent video created by Peggy Lee, which will kick start her newest video series, “Traveling Taiwan.”

Peggy’s channel on YouTube has been making videos for students studying Mandarin since 2009 on her channel PeggyTeachesChiense, which currently boasts over 20,000 followers.

In her new series of instructional videos, Peggy will showcase some top tourist spots around Taiwan to teach newcomers about their location’s culture and history, along with a few tips for language learners.

In the most recent video released on Nov. 6, Peggy takes students to the Shenkeng Old Street in New Taipei where she samples some of the local snacks and gives viewers a glimpse of the classic style shops and architecture.

For anyone just starting to study Mandarin, or anyone who has never been to an “Old Street” (老街) in Taiwan, check out what you’re missing in the video below.

Check out PeggyTeachesChinese on Youtube, and subscribe to her channel if you want to see more similar content.

Updated : 2021-01-22 15:39 GMT+08:00