Western Taiwan shop owner turns litter into satirical 'art exhibit'

Shop owner's satirical "art exhibit" on discarded garbage in Changhua,Taiwan goes viral

Trash found in front of shop. (Image from Facebook)

Trash found in front of shop. (Image from Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A photo posted on Facebook on Sunday (Nov. 11) of an "art exhibition" created by the owner of a clothing store and made from trash left in front of his shop in western Taiwan has gone viral on social media.

After being frustrated by litter constantly being dumped in front of his shop on No. 350 Zhongshan Road in Changhua City, the owner, surnamed Chang (張), created a satirical art piece made from some of the discarded garbage and uploaded it to Facebook on Sunday. In the photo, discarded beverage containers, coffee creamer bottles, toilet paper, cardboard, lipstick tubes, and other random items left in front his store have been placed on a wooden table with a sign above it reading: "Taiwanese culture special exhibition. Theme: Taiwanese civic spirit."

However, after Chang posted the exhibit, he discovered that someone with a conscience removed the litter by the next morning. In the post, Chang wrote:

"No. 350 Zhongshan Road.
Exhibition time: Today until the day Taiwanese people change.
Exhibition is already over
Personnel who took down exhibition: Early-rising, hard-working cleaning staff or kind-hearted person.
Next exhibition: It depends on everyone's civic spirit."

Netizens praised the shop owner's innovative approach:

"The most creative exhibition in Taiwan."

"An exhibition with the fewest exhibits."

"Random littering is indeed a common phenomenon nowadays. It is ironic that the words 'Taiwanese culture' show the reality."

While others suggested the exhibit would only grow in size over time:

"The amount of trash will only increase."

"It's missing chewed betel nuts, cigarette butts, and empty cigarette packs."

(Image from Facebook)