Legendary Taiwan songstress Teresa Teng inspires FOX anthology series

Each of the five episodes will be a stand alone tale inspired by one of the singer's famous ballads

Teresa Teng album cover, 再見!我的愛人: 島國之情歌 (1975)

Teresa Teng album cover, 再見!我的愛人: 島國之情歌 (1975)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The celebrated music of the iconic Taiwanese songstress Teresa Teng (鄧麗君) will inspire a new television miniseries being produced by Fox Asia.

The Mandarin language series, entitled “Memory Eclipse,” is set to run in 2019 for a single season. According to reports, each hour long episode will be a stand-alone story inspired by one of Teresa Teng’s famous ballads.

Each of the five episodes will include a different cast, and a take its name from the song it is based on. The series is filming in Taiwan, as well as Thailand.

John Chong will be lead producer with the backing of the Taiwan based production company, Winday Culture. Chong is president of the Hong Kong Screenwriter’s Guild, and famous for “Infernal Affairs” (2002), which was adapted by Martin Scorsese to become the 2006 box office success “The Departed.”

Chong was quoted in the FOX Networks Group press release.

“Memory Eclipse is a fantastic example of how original formats such as the limited-run anthology series enable producers to flex their creative muscles like never before. The series is a bold re-imagining of the themes behind Teresa Teng’s music, so that fans can experience the heart, soul and spirit of her beloved songs in a completely new way.”

Charles Sun, founder of Winday Culture, will direct “Memory Eclipse.” Sun recently directed 2018’s “Bad Boy Symphony” and worked as producer for “Gatao” (2015) and “The Spin Kid” (2011).

Cora Yim, Senior Vice President and Head of Chinese Entertainment at FOX Networks groups has called "Memory Eclipse" a “first of its kind anthology series.”

Teresa Teng, who passed away in 1995, captured the hearts of audiences across the Chinese speaking world during her lifetime, and left an enduring musical legacy.

FOX networks and the cast and crew behind “Memory Eclipse” hope the new anthology series will resonate with audiences and serve as a fitting tribute to Teng’s extraordinary talent, while also introducing her music to a new generation of fans.

Teresa Teng's classic "The Moon Represents my Heart" (月亮代表我的心)