Mercury to drop by 6 degrees as wet weather hits northern, eastern Taiwan

Northeastern monsoon to bring cooler temperatures and wet weather to northern and eastern Taiwan


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- As a northeast monsoon blows into Taiwan, the probability of rainfall has increased for northern and eastern parts of the country, and high temperatures are expected to drop by 6 degrees Celsius today, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

As a northeast monsoon affects Taiwan, the weather today will become noticeably colder and wetter. There are two fronts expected to arrive, which are expected to combine with northeastern winds to bring more of the same weather over the coming days.

The CWB said that due to the influence of northeastern winds, there were will be brief showers in Taoyuan and areas north as well as eastern Taiwan. The northern coast of Keelung, mountainous areas of greater Taipei and parts of Yilan will likely see heavy rain.

The highs in northern Taiwan will drop from 28 degrees Celsius to 22, while the lows will dip to between 19 to 20 degrees. Central and southern Taiwan will see partly cloudy to sunny skies with highs ranging between 28 to 30 degrees. Members of the public are advised to take precautions for the large temperature fluctuations between day and night.

Although the northeastern wind is expected to affect Taiwan for the next two days, the rainfall will start to diminish and high temperatures will begin to rise to 26 to 30 degrees by Nov. 15, though mornings and evenings will still be chilly.

On Nov. 17, another weather front will hit Taiwan and the northeastern wind will begin to strengthen, bringing scattered showers to eastern and northern Taiwan, as well as mountainous areas of central and southern Taiwan. From Nov. 20 to 22, another weather front will arrive as the northeastern winds strengthens again, bringing cold and rainy conditions to northern and northeastern Taiwan, while central and southern Taiwan will see partly cloudy to clear skies.