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Man caught secretly taking 'upskirt' videos in Taipei Eslite Bookstore

Man caught using pinhole camera in shoe to take videos under skirt of Eslite Bookstore in Taipei's Xinyi District

CCTV camera footage. (Image from Taipei Police Department)

CCTV camera footage. (Image from Taipei Police Department)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A man was caught using a pinhole camera in his shoe to capture video footage under women's skirts yesterday afternoon (Nov. 11) at an Eslite Bookstore in Taipei's Xinyi District, reported Apple Daily.

At 5 p.m. yesterday on the third floor of the Eslite Xinyi Store, a 33-year-old man surnamed Chien (簡) was arrested by police after he had been spotted by a bystander extending his foot beneath a woman to capture video under her skirt with a tiny camera hidden in his shoe.

After an initial investigation, police said that Chien, who is single and unmarried, had noticed many attractive young women frequent Taipei's trendy Xinyi District and he chose the Eslite Xinyi branch as a prime location to secretly film them. He claimed that this was his first time to try "upskirting" or taking unauthorized photographs and video under a woman's skirt.

Chien was seen wearing a black shirt, gray pants, black shoes, and a black baseball cap, which was lowered to obscure his face. To avoid attracting attention, he wandered in an out of the 3rd floor while waiting for the opportunity to sneak videos.

At one point, he spotted a woman with long legs wearing a short skirt concentrated on reading. Chien then quietly snuck up behind her and shot footage under her skirt with a camera hidden in the toe of his left shoe.

Man caught secretly taking 'upskirt' videos in Taipei Eslite Bookstore
Device and memory cards found in Chien's shoe. (Image from Taipei Police Department)

After successfully filming the first woman undetected, he became emboldened to take videos under the skirts of five other women. However, as Chien was targeting his next victim, a male bystander heard the sound of the shutter of his hidden camera going off.

The man realized what Chien was doing and immediately shouted "somebody's secretly taking pictures!" He grabbed Chien and told the clerk to call the police.

During the ensuing chaos, Chien tried to escape from the scene but was surrounded by customers who restrained him, while he continuously denied secretly taking videos. When police searched Chien, they found a hidden camera and two memory cards in his left shoe.

After viewing the contents of the memory cards, Police found videos of at least five women and over two hours of footage.

Because proof of an Offense of Interference with Personal Privacy (妨害秘密罪) requires testimony by victims, police are actively searching for the victims involved in the case. Currently, Chien is being charged with violating the Social Order Maintenance Act (社會秩序維護法).

Man caught secretly taking 'upskirt' videos in Taipei Eslite Bookstore
Taipei MRT poster admonishing male passengers against taking upskirt photos. (Taiwan News)