Red air pollution warning in place for central Taiwan

Central and southern Taiwan continue to be plagued by 'unhealthy' air

  421 map showing AQI levels in Taiwan map showing AQI levels in Taiwan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Air quality across Taiwan continues to be poor, with potentially harmful air quality recorded across 21 locations in central and southern Taiwan on Nov. 11 at 12.00 p.m.

Three locations in Taichung City and Changhua County recorded red level “unhealthy” air quality readings, according to the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

Today’s bad air quality continues a string of suboptimal results for the region since Nov. 7, when pollution levels reached frightening levels.

In response to the bad air quality, Taipower has instructed the Taichung Power Plant to reduce emissions from 7.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. today, reported CNA.

The EPA said there is a weak easterly wind blowing near to Taiwan, and this wind will help pollutants accumulate.

According to air quality readings published by the Taiwan Air Quality Monitoring Network of the EPA, central and southern Taiwan has endured consistently poor quality air throughout the day.

Air Quality Index in Taiwan as of 12 p.m. Nov. 11. (Image from EPA)

The Zhongming and Xitun air quality stations in Taichung City, and the Changhua station in Changhua County recorded unhealthy air “red alert” quality readings at 12.00 p.m. today.

Every air quality station in Taichung recorded either unhealthy or potentially unhealthy air quality readings.

The “orange alert” meaning potentially unhealthy air quality readings were recorded across Taiwan’s west coast from Miaoli County to Kaohsiung City.

Kaohsiung City had the highest quantity of potentially unhealthy air quality readings, recording a total of four.

“Good” are quality readings were evident across the eastern seaboard, and “moderate” readings were evident the north.

The EPA advises for those who are located near to the “red alert” areas to avoid physical exertion and long-term outdoor activity. For those who are sensitive to pollution, the EPA advises to say inside, and to wear a face mask if going outside is necessary.

The EPA advises for those who are located near to the “orange alert” areas to reduce outdoor activity and to wear a face mask if eye pain, sore throat, or a cough develops.