Taipei: 2 year old child starves to death because of negligent mother

The 20 year old mother reportedly locked her son in a bathroom for several days where he starved to death


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A case of severe child abuse by a young mother has resulted in the death of a two year old boy in Taipei.

A 20 year old mother, surnamed Lin (林), and her 21 year old boyfriend, surnamed Hsiao (蕭), are being investigated on charges of child abuse in the death of a two year old boy. The boy’s death was initially reported by the mother at 7 p.m. Wednesday evening (Nov. 7).

Apple Daily reports that the mother initially told officers that the boy had begun throwing tantrums in the afternoon, which led her to lock him in the apartment bathroom. The mother then said she left the residence with her boyfriend for approximately three hours.

She claimed that upon returning, she found the child had stopped breathing, and that she immediately reported the death to authorities. Investigators have since determined the body was abandoned for days.

When emergency response personnel entered the home, they found the boy naked, extremely emaciated, and curled up on the apartment’s filthy bathroom floor. The body of the small two year old boy weighed just five kilograms, reports Apple Daily.

After the death was reported, forensic investigators determined that the boy had been dead for at least two days before the mother contacted police.

Public records revealed that the boy’s younger sister had also died the year previous in Chiayi County, reportedly of natural causes. She was born premature and only lived 71 days.

According to the report, the boy had been underweight and had appeared malnourished since 2017. Initially, doctors and social workers in Chiayi had expressed concern to the mother about the child’s condition, and she had sought out the help of her brother in caring for her child.

However, after leaving Chiayi for Taipei with her son in July last year, she ceased contact with her brother, reports Apple Daily.

The boyfriend has denied any responsibility for the mistreatment and abuse of the child. Apple Daily reports that the cause of death has been determined by investigators to have been starvation.

Police suspect the boy may have been locked in the bathroom for up to three days before he finally passed away.