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Taiwan haircare brand O'Right wins Sustainable Beauty Award for 2nd year

The Taoyuan based brand was once again honored for its 'Sustainable Packaging'

(O'right product image)

(O'right product image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – This week in Paris, the annual Sustainable Beauty Awards were held with a Taiwanese brand recognized for the second year in a row for its impressive commitment to producing environmentally friendly beauty products.

The internationally recognized brand O’right, based in Taoyuan, remains on the rise for both its quality hair care and skin care products, as well as its dedication to the environment.

This year the brand received three nominations in categories of New Sustainable Product, Sustainable Packaging, and for being a Sustainability Pioneer.

For the second year, O’Right was named the winner of the Sustainable Packaging category for their innovative shampoo bottle and pump design, which is made from 100 percent recyclable materials, and which also boasts a 66.29 percent reclamation rate.

O’Right beat out competitors like L'Oreal, Weleda, Aveda and REN, according to the press release.

The remarkable bottle design was also honored with a gold award at the 2018 Green World Awards held in September in the U.K., which was also the second year in a row that the company was recognized for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

At the Sustainable Beauty Awards, held Nov. 6 in Paris, the Taiwanese brand was also recognized for its new line of skincare, the Goji Berry Ultimate Rejuvenating Collection, along with its Caffeine Botanical Scalp Revitalizer.

The press release from the company states:

“It is an incredible honor and unforgettable milestone for the Taiwanese beauty brand whose mission is to drive sustainability in the cosmetic sector. From their revolutionary goji berry root extracted via sustainable farming to their much talked-about renewable plastic shampoo pump, the Sustainable Beauty Awards recognized the green pioneer for its sustainable efforts both internally and externally towards a low-carbon, greener future.”

Hair O’right was founded in 2002 by CEO Steven Ko, who suffers from some severe allergies, and who sought to make a better line of hair care products that were both healthy and eco-friendly. The company went completely green in 2006 using 100 percent natural ingredients in its product line.

According to the O’right webpage, the “O” represents a round, green earth, and the company’s philosophy is to only create products that do “right” by the earth and promote a healthy, sustainable balance between human society and the planet.

Taiwan haircare brand O'Right wins Sustainable Beauty Award for 2nd year
(Image from O'Right)

Taiwan haircare brand O'Right wins Sustainable Beauty Award for 2nd year