U.S. gay group raises funds for Taiwan same-sex marriage campaign

Activists see Taiwan referendums as the No.1 international priority: NBC

Gay rights activists in New York raised funds to s...

Gay rights activists in New York raised funds to s... (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – With Taiwanese citizens voting on five referendums for or against gay issues on Nov. 24, a group in the United States has been raising funds to support the Taiwanese campaign for same-sex marriage.

Opponents of gay marriage have tabled three referendum questions, while supporters have proposed two. The voting will take place in combination with local and regional elections, along with five referendum questions about other issues ranging from Taiwan’s name at the next Olympics to nuclear energy and those concerning same-sex marriage.

On November 2, the U.S. group Freedom to Marry Global co-organized an event in New York which raised US$6,700 for the Taiwanese cause in favor of same-sex marriage, NBC News reported.

The initial goal of the fundraiser at the Stonewall Inn, an iconic location in the struggle for gay rights, was to find US$5,000, with Freedom to Marry Global matching the final amount.

The total of about US$12,000 will be sent to Taiwan to help fund ads and other get-out-the-vote efforts during the final weeks of campaigning, according to NBC.