Taiwanese designers showcase talent, artistry at Taipei IN Style 2018

Taiwan's premier international fashion fair and trade show, Taipei IN Style, is running through Nov. 11

Taipei IN Style 2018

Taipei IN Style 2018 (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 2018 Taipei IN Style fashion show and trade fair taking place this weekend at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park boasts dozens of impressive designer labels showcasing their creations for others in the industry, and for the general public.

There are enough exhibitors and incredible creations that viewing them all would keep a visitor busy the entire weekend. To provide just a sample of the the works on display at Taipei IN Style 2018, Taiwan News has chosen to showcase some local Taiwanese talent.


The Taipei-based brand Unius is the creation of two designers, Heng and Petrina, who share an affinity for abstract art and who enjoy re-imagining traditional clothing styles to reflect the sensibilities of the modern woman. Blending vibrant colors with attention to detail, Unius is a brand that aims to inspire those wearing their designs.

Unius (Taiwan News Image)

Unius (Taiwan News Image)


Returning for another year to Taipei IN Style, Emphasize is a Taipei-based brand for customers who enjoy stripes, polka dots, and the cute flirtatious style of simple early-modern fashion mixed with a pinch of Japanese inspired kawaii culture. The designer, Pai Cheng, ran a clothing store for several years before she began designing clothing for herself and her customers in 2009. Emphasize designs and similar styles can be found at the designer's store “Pieshop,” located in Taipei near Zhongshan MRT Station.

Emphasize (Taiwan News Image)

Emphasize (Taiwan News Image)

C Jean

Established in 2017, C Jean is showcasing its first collection to the fashion world for the first time at Taipei In Style 2018. The designer utilizes impressive digital print patterns, deep colors and quality fabrics with extraordinary cuts. C Jean's collection showcases exceptional talent and meticulous attention to detail, with each creation a genuine piece of art. With a theme of “Movement-In the Moment,” the collection prominently features thin stripes, and emphasizes ease of movement.

C Jean (Taiwan News Image)

C Jean (Taiwan News Image)

C Jean (Taiwan News Image)


Based in Tainan, the brand OqLiq specializes in creating durable yet stylish outdoor wear inspired by eastern aesthetics. Founded in 2010, their products use locally sourced handmade dye, and top of the line breathable fabrics all produced in Taiwan. Notable works are their highly functional shirts that incorporate Chinese characters into the designs, and their new line of Japanese-style tabi footwear.

OqLiq (Taiwan News Image)

OqLiq (Taiwan News Image)

OqLiq shirts depicting Chinese characters 非, 用, and 互 (Taiwan News Image)

Jenn Lee

Designer Jenn Lee, for her sixth collection since establishing her brand has chosen an unlikely source of inspiration, the famous manga and anime film “Akira.” After watching the film several years ago, Lee was captivated by the climactic scenes of the film, notably the scene in which the character Testuo's body begins to mutate. Lee's designs include red, white, and nude fabrics blended and bunched together to imitate the colors and sense of “bursting” found in the Akira scene. A center piece of the collection is a dress inspired by the cyclists outfit worn by the character Kaneda. Other piece include stencils of the iconic Akira pill.

Jenn Lee's centerpiece, a dress made of motorcycle gloves (Taiwan News Image)

Jenn Lee (Taiwan News Image)

Jenn Lee (Taiwan News Image)

Etoile & Kimberly Lee

Manufactured in Taiwan, the internationally recognized brand of bags by Kimberly Lee were also showcased at Taipei IN Style 2017. The most famous design by Kimberly Lee is the impressively versatile purse, which can be worn in ten different styles by reconfiguring the straps of the bag. A partner brand Etoile, also manufactured in Taiwan, offers chic bag designs that can be “deconstructed” based on the day's needs.

Kimberly Lee (Taiwan News Image)

Etoile (Taiwan News Image)


Yenline, based in Yilan, Taiwan offers environmentally friendly fabrics and dyes crafted into simple, comfortable, and original designs. The brand emphasizes traditional dying techniques, while promoting sustainability and planet-friendly manufacturing techniques. Yenline offers a wide range of quality goods like hats, tops, scarves, and bags, as well as chopstick cases, notebook covers, and small pouches for various uses.

Yenline (Taiwan News Image)

Yenline (Taiwan News)

Taipei IN Style runs from Nov. 8 through Nov. 11, at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. The exhibition floor open to the regular public on Saturday and Sunday. There are ready to wear items for sale as well as many designers from Taiwan and abroad on site and eager ready to discuss their creations.