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Electronics giant Yageo to invest NT$10 billion in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung

Passive components maker is latest Taiwanese company to 'return home' amid U.S.-China trade war

Yageo Corp. Chairman Pierre Chen.

Yageo Corp. Chairman Pierre Chen. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Yageo Corporation (國巨), a Taiwanese manufacturer of passive components for the electronics industry, is to invest more than NT$10 billion (US$326 million) in Kaohsiung, in another example of top Taiwanese companies returning to the island.

The company makes passive devices, such as resistors, capacitors, and inductors, for consumer, automotive and industrial clients.

Yageo approved a proposal Thursday to purchase a plot of more than 20,000 square meters in Kaohsiung’s Dafa industrial zone for NT$790 million (US$25.7 million) as the location for a new factory, the Central News Agency reported. The plan was only the start of a project to invest at least NT$10 billion over three years, the company said.

Yageo said its basic strategy in the face of the recent U.S.-China trade war was still to leave its roots in Taiwan while continuing to develop around the world. The island’s government has been encouraging Taiwanese businesses, which over the past decades invested massively in China, to return home and focus more on manufacturing in Taiwan.

When Apple Inc. published a list of its 200 major suppliers last March, at least three Yageo plants, two in the Chinese cities of Suzhou and Dongguan, and one in Kaohsiung, were featured, CNA reported.

Yageo was officially founded in 1989 by the brothers Wood (陳木元) and Pierre Chen (陳泰銘).