Qualcomm promises to play fair, investment in Taiwan will boost 5G development

The chairwoman of Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission expressed optimism for Qualcomm's industrial investment program, and its establishment of a tech hub in Hsinchu


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The IC chip manufacturer Qualcomm announced earlier this year that they would be opening a research and development center and tech hub in Taiwan in the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park.

On Nov. 7, the chairwoman of Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission, Huang Mei-ying (黃美瑛), discussed the country's expectations for Qualcomm’s proposed five year industry investment plan.

Qualcomm’s decision to invest in Taiwan and establish the tech hubs came about as the result of an anti-trust settlement on Aug. 10. The company was originally charged in October 2017 of violating the Intellectual Property rights of a domestic competitor, reports CNA.

After first paying a portion of the fines demanded, NT$2.73 billion (US$88.84 million), Qualcomm negotiated with Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Court and in lieu of paying the remaining NT$23.4 billion (US$762 million), Qualcomm agreed to invest US$700 million into Taiwan to develop 5G and other technologies over the next five years.

The Center for Operations, Manufacturing Engineering and Testing (COMET) is slated to include a 5G module design center, a millimeter wave testing center as well as a supersonic touch ID research center. There are also reports of plans for R&D in artificial intelligence.

By next year the company has plans to employ around 250 people. The company is actively seeking 77 engineers to work at the operations hub and is presently holding a recruitment campaign.

Reports indicate that within five years of the industrial investment program, the company plans to employ about 1,000 people at the Hsinchu tech hub.

Huang expressed optimism that Qualcomm’s investment into R&D in Taiwan would greatly benefit 5G development in the country, along with other cutting edge technologies.

Huang also said the representatives from Qualcomm have been speaking regularly with government agencies and legislators. Qualcomm has stressed that they will follow through on their promises and commitments as outlined in the settlement agreement and investment plan, reports UDN.

Qualcomm assures Taiwan that they will respect industry regulations, and honor the rights of competitors moving forward. If the company is ever found skirting regulations or committing illegal acts, they will be dealt with to the full extent of the law, said Huang.