A gamers’ dream come true- ‘cockpit’ gaming chair by Taiwan’s Acer now on sale

Predator Thronos comes with hefty price tag of NT$299,000 (US$9,652)

Acer's gaming chair Predator Thronos (Photo/Predator Gaming)

Acer's gaming chair Predator Thronos (Photo/Predator Gaming)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – For those seeking the ultimate gaming experience, Acer’s cockpit-like “Predator Thronos” gaming chair may be their dream come true. The product, unveiled at IFA this August, will be available on Taiwan’s e-commerce platform PChome starting Nov. 10 with a price tag of NT$299,000 (US$9,652).

Measuring 1.5 meters tall with a steel frame, Predator Thronos may look a bit “absurd” and might be the wildest product ever manufactured by the Taiwanese electronics company, wrote The Verge.

The chair, like those appearing in Sci-Fi movies, can recline up to 140 degrees and has a foot rest. Its ergonomic design provides users with much-needed comfort for those who intend to be engaged in gaming for long hours, reported Gadgets Post.

Predator Thronos boasts rumbling and vibration support, offering gamers an immersive and sensational experience. Touting great practicality, the chair comes with a built-in control panel for all of its motorized features, said Gadgets Post.

Gamers can also equip three 27-inch monitors on the chair, which promises to provide a thrilling panoramic viewing experience, reports Engadget.