Taiwanese-American Grace Meng retains seat in US Congress

Taiwanese-American Grace Meng wins bid for reelection to US Congress

Grace Meng.

Grace Meng. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese-American congresswoman Grace Meng (孟昭文) has officially won her reelection bid for the US Congress, according to AP.

With 89 percent of the votes counted, and having received 90.8 percent of the votes so far, Meng has easily defeated her challenger, Green Party candidate Tom Hillgardner, who only managed 9.2 percent of the votes.

Meng was born in Queens, New York on Oct. 1, 1975, after her parents had moved to the U.S. from Taiwan. Her father, Jimmy Meng (孟廣瑞), is also a politician, having served as a New York State Assemblyman representing the 22nd Assembly District.

Meng was elected to the New York Assembly in 2008, where she served until she made a bid for New York's Congressional District 6 in 2012. She won her race against Republican member of the New York City Council Dan Halloran, becoming the first Asian-American elected to Congress from New York.

In addition to Meng's victory, two other politicians of Taiwanese descent also had success on election day, with John Liu winning his bid for New York State Senate District 11 and Yuh-Line Niou (牛毓琳) retaining her seat in New York State Assembly District 65.