International craft beer festival comes to Taipei

Craftcon Asia 2018 will be held in Taipei Nov. 10-11, with over 30 local and international brewers showcasing an amazing variety of craft beer


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Beer lovers in Taiwan should clear their schedules for the upcoming weekend.

The annual Craftcon Asia 2018 brewer’s exhibition and international craft brew festival is happening in Taipei’s Ximen area (西門) Nov. 10 through Nov. 11. This year’s event will feature an incredible variety of international and local brews for guests to sample.

If anyone has still has doubts that mirco-brewing in Taiwan is headed for a very exciting and delicious future, then Saturday and Sunday come put them to rest at Craftcon Asia 2018. The festival is being held at the historic Riverside Theater (177 Xining S. Rd., Wanhua Dist.)

Craftcon Asia 2018 is being sponsored by White Labs Yeast, YCH Hops, and the Swaen and De Leeuwinnen Co. Malt along with a slew of local businesses in Taiwan.

To make this year’s event extra special, and offer some memorable, once in a lifetime brews to participants, the festival will be offering two very unique beers that are the result of international and local collaboration.

Each of the two collaborations is the product of four breweries working together.

The first collaboration is a New England IPA masterminded by Heart of Darkness (Vietnam), the Hong Kong Beer Company (HK), Redpoint Brewing (Taiwan), and 886 Beer Co. (Taiwan).

The second work of brewing artistry is a Brut IPA, and the result of a collaborative effort from three Taiwanese companies, Tsai's Actual Brewing, Taiwan Head Brewers, and 886 Beer Co., along with Hong Kong based Moonzen Brewing. Don’t miss it.

According to the event page, guests will receive a bottle of each collaboration brew with their ticket purchase (while supplies last).

In addition to those listed above, other great local Taiwanese breweries showcasing their products are Formosa Brewing, Legend Brewery Craft Beer, Modern House Brewing Co., and LanBaiTuo Brewing.

Nearly 30 international breweries will also be participating along with some excellent food stalls to keep guests sated. Food vendors include Souvlaki Pita, Mecato Colombia, Chinita's Cubano, Scratch Burger, and Shika’s Treats.

Each day has a day session, and an evening session, with different prices for admission. Day session tickets (2 p.m. to 6 p.m.) cost NT$499, while evening sessions (6 p.m. to 10 p.m.) are NT$599 for entry.

For more information, and to purchase advance tickets visit the official Craftcon Asia 2018 event page.